During what times will construction take place?

Construction activities will primarily occur between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, while some night-time operations may be performed from time to time to minimize interruption of traffic.

In what direction will the project be constructed?

While the project schedule is set from south to north, there will be overlapping tasks occurring simultaneously throughout the project corridor to maximize utilization of personnel and resources to the extent possible.

How will commercial entrances/exits onto 45th Street be impacted?

Because a left-turn movement exiting Aldi’s onto 45th Street would create both a safety and an operational issue, a raised traffic separator will be constructed between the southbound left turn lanes and the northbound thru lanes, preventing left-turn exits from Aldi’s onto southbound 45th Street.

How will traffic congestion at the signaled intersection of S.R. 70 and 45th Street be managed during construction?

Manatee County will monitor traffic at this intersection during construction and adjust the signal timing, if needed, to improve traffic flow.

Will construction block access to my neighborhood or driveway?

Access to  neighborhood entrances and driveways will be maintained throughout the duration of the construction project. Brief, partial closures may be necessary and would be scheduled to occur during periods of low traffic, or at night, to minimize the disruption of traffic.

Will my water service be interrupted?

While no water service interruptions are scheduled or anticipated, residents and businesses will be notified in advance of construction activities that may temporarily affect their water supply.

Will my mail carrier have access to my mailbox?

The contractor will make every effort to maintain access to mailboxes. If you are experiencing issues with mail delivery, please contact Tina Allen at 813-842-2359 or tina@valerin-group.com for assistance.

Will construction interfere with garbage or recycling pick-up?

The contractor will make every effort to avoid impacts to garbage and recycling operations during construction. If you are experiencing issues with garbage or recycling pick-up, please contact Tina Allen at 813-842-2359 or tina@valerin-group.com for assistance.

Who do I call with questions or concerns?

Any project-related questions or concerns may be directed to Tina Allen at 813-842-2359 or tina@valerin-group.com. Questions or concerns may also be submitted by completing the form located on the “Contact Us” page.