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44th Avenue East from 19th Street Court East to 30th Street East

Original Construction Cost: $11,930,357
Project Start Date: January 2016
Completion Date: January 2018
Contractor: E. T. MacKenzie

Improvements on this 1.62 mile project included new construction of a four-lane roadway on 44th Avenue East through an undeveloped area extending from 19th Street Court East to 30th Street East. This project also included the construction of two single-lane roundabouts. The first roundabout is located at 27th Street East and 38th Avenue East, and the second is located at 30th Street East and 38th Street East. For more information on Roundabouts and their benefits, please view FDOT’s video “Modern Roundabouts for Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Motorists.”

Construction of this segment is complete and the roadway is open for traffic.

44th Ave 19th-30th Aerial Design Overlay

Additional improvements included sidewalks on the north and south sides of 44th Avenue East; curbs, gutters, lighting, and signalization at 19th Street Court East, US 301, and 30th Street East; water main construction; and drainage and stormwater improvements. Download the project fact sheet.

Typical Section of 44th Avenue East.

Typical Section of US 301.